Italy Wedding Destinations - Where to Get Married in Italy

The very thing that draws most couples to consider marrying in Italy is also what can often wind up overwhelming them: where to get married in Italy.

There are countless Italy wedding destinations to choose from, each city with its own unique character and ambiance. There is no right or wrong location for your Italy wedding; only the right one for you.

At getting married in italy, we believe in taking the time to match you with your ideal Italy wedding destination spot. As natives to the area, we know all the secret gems and can quickly identify where you'll feel most aligned, based on your personality, style and vision.

To get ideas and inspiration about the atmosphere you envision for your event, visit our gallery.

Not sure where to get married in Italy?

If you're feeling a little overwhelmed by the options, with so many cities and venues to choose from, and want the help of a caring wedding planner to determine the best choice for you, click below to explore our services.