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Make your destination wedding perfect with an unforgettable getaway experience in Italy for you and your guests

Planning a destination wedding means asking a lot out of your guests. They’re travelling, spending money for a mini vacation and spending a trip just celebrating you. In order to ensure a fantastic wedding you need to thank your guests for making the journey to celebrate your wedding in Italy. A wedding weekend is common for turning your destination wedding into a perfect celebration getaway.

It starts with a well orchestrated program delivering an authentic experience to your guests.

italy honeymoonYour destination wedding program needs to be focused on the appropriate balance between rest and play, but still be all inclusive. It’s important to make sure that your guests feel taken care of and have lots to do. Be sure to plan activities that will allow guests to mix and mingle, and enjoy the offerings of your destination wedding. When selecting activities, take into consideration what is unique about your destination wedding location and select an activity that will showcase it. 

Our Destination Wedding Getaway Package works with you to provide an ultimate getaway experience easily planned through our dedicated Wedding Getaway Team in less time and without stress

Enjoy the Ultimate Getaway Experience and enchant your guests with the best wedding experience they’ve ever had!

honeymoons in italyWhen you enrol in our Italy Getaway Program rather than worrying about how your guests will occupy their time and trying to get all your friends and family together, the entire entertainment plan will be taken care of for you. We’ll take the logistical burden off your shoulders and set up an easy-going agenda to please everybody by putting together an exciting mix of local activities to enjoy with your guests, as the excitement for your big day approaches. All you have to worry about is to spend quality time with those you love most and have fun!

Don’t miss this amazing and unique opportunity to make your destination wedding in Italy an unforgettable getaway experience for you and your guests.

Let my team give you the assistance and peace of mind you need to make the most of your destination experience. To get the support you need and reserve your date on my calendar, inquire below. 

I can’t wait to share with you the exclusivity of this program!

Sandra Santoro, Managing Director

Introducing our Italy Getaway Experience Program

In this program you’ll receive our complete done-for-you Getaway Planning Experience fully coordinated and handled by our team. 

Our Italy Getaway Experience Program features the planning and coordination of the following events:

  • Welcome Cocktail Party 
  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • Group Activities 
  • Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Outings 
  • Brunch the day after the wedding 
In addition to the above program, you’ll enjoy extra premium services to assist your guests with their travel arrangements including:

  • Group rates for guests accommodation 
  • Shuttle services from and to airport 
  • Rent a Car assistance 
Due to the popularity of a premium service such as this, we can only accept a select number of clients each year into this program to guarantee highest level of service to each of our destination couples. This allows us to be more attentive to each client and provide them with the ultimate wedding getaway of a lifetime.

To learn more about our Italy Getaway Experience Program and find out if your Italy Wedding date is available on our calendar, request a complimentary Vision Session. During this exclusive meeting, you'll have an opportunity to meet personally with Sandra Santoro and create your vision for having the perfect destination wedding getaway

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