Need a step-by-step guide through your DIY destination wedding in Italy?

For those brides who need a little help before taking the reins of their destination wedding planning, our DIY project support services is the perfect guide to get them on the right track, help them steer clear of mistakes and make sure nothing falls behind.

Have you come unglued and recognize that it might be really risky to do this all alone?

do it yourself italy weddingYou’ve spent hours searching for your perfect venue and reliable vendors, carefully learned all the legal requirements for your Italian wedding and poured all your creativity to design your event, but now you’re scared that something may go wrong, that you may fall behind schedule or neglect some important aspects you’ve not even thought about, not to mention that you may end up spending money on last minute solutions which most likely will cost you much more than if you are well prepared.

You have a choice!

Take the stress off of your shoulders with our DIY project support services.

diy italy weddingLet the final decisions be you and your partner’s but get the help you deserve to make the planning run smoothly and timely. 

A DIY bride should not necessarily delegate her tasks, but will certainly need friendly advice and professional direction in finishing and finalizing her project. Most DIY wedding projects are easily done over a hot cup of tea and a chat.

A stressed and worried bride won’t be able to enjoy herself or be excited about her wedding day. And sadly she may not remember her wedding day as the most magical day of her and her husbands’ life.

Only smart planning can prevent “wedding stress” and our DIY project support services are dedicated to “What to plan”, “When to plan” and “How to plan better” to achieve a wonderful DIY wedding. This program provides professional advice regarding effective wedding planning in any area you need, to save you time and financial resources so that you can create the wedding you have always wanted on your own.
By clearly outlining the steps to planning, we can help you minimize stress, spend more time enjoying your engagement and wow your guests with an unforgettable experience.

This outside-the-box and cost-effective program makes sure that everything you’ve planned and dreamed about for so long goes according to plan.

Take full control of your DIY destination wedding planning today by scheduling your complimentary Strategy Session.

I can’t wait to meet you!

Sandra Santoro, Managing Director

Introducing our DIY project support services:

Especially designed for the DIY Bride, planning her destination wedding in Italy, this program provides you with the benefit of an extended amount of our professional planning advice, including: 

  • Strategy session to educate on what is all involved in planning your own destination wedding in Italy
  • Advice on how to plan your Italian wedding: priorities and timeline of decisions and actions
  • Assistance with setting up your wedding budget and budget monitoring
  • Identification of outstanding tasks
  • Focus on important mistakes to avoid when planning a wedding in Italy
  • Briefing on legal requirements according to your nationality in case of legally binding ceremony
  • Guide through purchasing decisions 
  • Recommendations and suggestions of professional wedding vendors according to your needs
  • Suggestions for questions to ask when interviewing potential wedding vendors
  • Template of important details to finalize with each vendor 
  • Personalized hour-by-hour wedding day schedule to share with your bridal party and wedding vendors 
Due to the popularity of DIY wedding projects our strategy session calendar books up quite fast. For this reason, we invite you to secure your date with us as soon as possible. To meet directly with Sandra Santoro and explore our availability for DIY project support services, complete the inquiry form below.

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