italian marriage certificate 

Celebrate your wedding in Italy with a legally binding marriage, planned with ease through our paperwork professional consultancy.

Getting married in Italy is the ultimate gesture of romance. What better way to authenticate your union abroad than with an official, legally binding marriage ceremony in the country of Italy?

Why many couples miss out on this coveted experience

legally married in italyAs thrilling as it is to return home with a bona fide Italian marriage certificate, getting to that point can be an unexpected challenge for non-residents. The process for meeting necessary requirements can be both complex and time-consuming, causing many couples to settle for a “symbolic” wedding in Italy.

You don’t have to settle for an unofficial “symbolic” wedding in Italy

After years of serving destination couples, I’ve learned that there is a tremendous excitement that comes with the Italian style celebration of a legal marriage in Italy and I want all of our clients to enjoy the experience of their exclusive wedding in Italy.

It’s for this reason that I’ve designed a unique program to assist you in legally getting married in Italy without the hassle or stress.

Obtain your valid marriage certificate in Italy on time, while saving time and avoiding legal errors.

legally married in italyThere is no need for you to struggle with the extensive learning curve involved in properly meeting legal requirements required by the Italian Government. Our Paperwork Assistance program is designed to support you every step of the way.

I invite you to relieve yourself of excess stress and hassle by letting us handle the licensing details for you.

Sandra Santoro, Managing Director

Introducing the Italy Marriage Paperwork Assistance Service

In this program, you’ll enjoy a smooth and guided process to prepare all your paperwork in a way that prevents or amends any mistakes, meets all requirements and is submitted on time.

As an enrollee of this program, you’ll enjoy the following resources and assistance:

  • Initial professional consult to answer any questions you may have about the process
  • Detailed document listing all legal requirements according to the nationality of bride and groom
  • Civil wedding ceremony (legally binding) performed at the selected Town Hall
  • Booking of the wedding hall
  • Booking of the Mayor or representative to perform the ceremony in Italian language
  • Official interpreter as required by the Italian law
  • Booking of all relevant paperwork meetings
  • Dealing with local Embassies/Consular offices to obtain required documents
  • Endorsement of issued documents at local competent authorities
  • Lodging of full set of documentation at the competent Town Hall Registry Office
  • Issuing of marriage certificate
  • Endorsement of marriage certificate
  • Mailing of marriage certificate to your current address

To begin the process of planning your legal marriage in Italy, complete the inquiry form below and one of our team members will connect with you with further program details and next steps.