where to get married in italy

Overwhelmed with the decision about where to get married in Italy?

It may be the most romantic and cultural wedding experience one can have in all of Europe, but getting married in Italy brings a wealth of options that can often confuse or overwhelm a destination couple.

Naturally, you want your wedding abroad to be more than just an average, run-of-the-mill event. You want it to stand out and take place in a locale and atmosphere that truly reflects your individual style and taste, while also offering the ideal accommodations for the kind of celebration you plan to host.

The challenge, however, is pinpointing exactly which location and Italy wedding venue will meet your requirements.

There’s no need to settle for average or ordinary; you deserve an exceptional wedding venue that was practically made for you

charming italy wedding venuesToo often, the challenge with getting married in Italy for couples that live elsewhere is that they simply don’t have a good lay of the land and aren’t intimately connected to the exclusive resources that can make their experience truly one-of-a-kind.

As a result, they often end up settling for an average, mediocre or common wedding venue that doesn’t quite create the ambiance they envisioned or leaves something unique to be desired.

My wish for you is that you’ll never have to settle for "average" on your wedding day. I believe you have the right to custom design your own authentic Italian wedding experience and deserve to have a venue that fits perfectly with that vision.

Discover your ideal location and wedding venue in Italy for creating the ambiance you envision…in less time and without the stress or disappointment

unique italy wedding venuesOur specialty is helping destination couples find, compare and select the ideal wedding venue in Italy that perfectly represents the kind of event they want to host without pouring hours into doing all the research and analysis all on their own.

As a venue selection client, not only do you enjoy exclusive access to lesser known local resources that I have personally discovered over the years as a wedding expert and native of Italy, but you’ll also save a significant amount of time and hassle vetting hundreds of venues that are simply not the right fit for your unique needs, which we do on your behalf.

When procuring a custom list of qualified venues for you based on your individual needs and requirements, we recommend only the finest venues and locations, which have been individually appraised for quality and reliability. In addition to saving you endless hours of investigation, our audits also help you prevent any potential disappointments or disastrous situations by unknowingly choosing an unsavory location or venue.

I invite you to take advantage of our decades of experience connecting couples with their ideal wedding site and begin discovering your perfect venue and location today.

Sandra Santoro, Managing Director

Introducing the Venue Selection Service

In this program, our team will work closely with you one-on-one to determine your unique requirements and preferences, so that we have a crystal clear picture of your personal style, taste and wedding vision. We want your venue to be the hallmark of your event; a perfect foundation for showcasing every last detail.

You’ll enjoy a personally guided selection of your perfect Italian wedding venue from a wide range of choice options hand-selected by Italian wedding expert Sandra Santoro, which includes her exclusive list of lesser-known venue resources.

As an enrollee of this program, you’ll enjoy the following resources and assistance:

  • Initial meeting with the couple (either by phone, Skype, or at our office) to discuss their venue requirements
  • Selection of suitable venues (up to 6 venues) and presentation to the client
  • Budget analysis of the preferred top 3 venues with regard to the venue cost (not inclusive of extra services such as photo, music, flowers, etc. which can be obtained through any of our wedding planning programs)
  • Check availability and booking of the selected venue
  • Review venue policies to avoid misunderstandings about venue rules

*Want even more options for destinations and venues? We’re delighted to assist! We understand that every client has unique needs and we are happy to help you in whatever capacity you need. If your vision inspires you to view even more location and venue options, we can perform the additional research, comparison and presentation services you need by customizing your Venue Selection Service to include the extra options you desire.

{Note: this service is also included in our Bespoking Wedding Planning program}

To learn more about this program and meet with one of our team members about how to get starting finding your perfect location and venue for your wedding in Italy, complete the inquiry form below.

Note: Once you submit this inquiry, you will be redirected to our online calendar to select a date and time for your complimentary consult with one of our team members